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En Route to ICERD: Malaysia at an Impasse (Part 2)

24 December 2018 • By Halmie Azrie

PART II: Weighing In The Reactions

Delving further into the opinions of some important personalities like Deputy Yang di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Nazrin Muizuddin Shah and Perlis Mufti Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin, it now appears that there is dissatisfaction among the citizens at the perceived blunders made by the government in handling this ICERD debate, in addition to several other Ministerial-level mistakes.

En Route to ICERD: Malaysia at an Impasse

17 December 2018 • By Halmie Azrie

PART I : About Human Rights

On the 23rd of October 2018, Pusat KOMAS organized the 8th National Conference on Non-Discrimination consisting of several forum sessions that was attended by members and representatives of the government, foreign diplomats, academicians and prominent figures from civil society organizations. The conference spoke volumes on the current government’s position regarding the UN International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD).

Regarding Global City

12 November 2018 • By Badrul Hisham Ismail

Whenever I hear the term global city, I picture a bloodied Al Pacino, machine-gun in hand, staring out the window of his tacky, over-the-top luxurious apartment, into a flying zeppelin displaying a text that says “The World is Yours.” It is a scene from the film Scarface, about a Cuban refugee named Tony Montana (played by Al Pacino), who arrives in the city of Miami in the 1980s.

An Hour with…. Maria Chin Abdullah

5 November 2018 • By IMAN Research

An Hour is The Affair’s Occasional Interview Series with personalities who have influenced policy, and made changes to a national landscape.

Maria Chin Abdullah is a Malaysian Member of Parliament for the Petaling Jaya constituency, under the Pakatan Harapan Government. Prior to becoming a member of parliament, she was part of the founding committee of Bersih, the Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections, in 2006.

Finding Student Voices in ‘Malaysia Baharu’

29 October 2018 • By Muhammad Fathi Rayyan

Despite the euphoric atmosphere that comes with Pakatan Harapan’s win in the last 14th General Election, students in across universities in Malaysia are still struggling to find their voices.

Public Protests, Private Spaces?

22 October 2018 • By Aziff Azuddin

“I’m sorry, sir. You’re not allowed to record here.” I was told to put away my audio recorder by a grim-looking security guard. I had only started rolling tape for less than a minute before the guard appeared from behind the bushes, stopping my interview session.

“That’s not MY story”: Addressing issues of fantastical representations of the GE14 elections in the film, Rise: Ini Kalilah

14 September 2018 • By Benjamin Loh

My GE14 story involved volunteering as a PACA to safeguard the electoral process. Others I have talked to would have their own stories to tell; some just talked about the long queues at polling centres, others lamented that it inconvenienced their plans to watch a concert later that night, and there were of course a few that did not bother to even register.

Kemiskinan, Tauhid Sosial & Perlawanan

7 September 2018 • By Rien Sd

Sebenarnya, agama- atau tauhid- itu masih memberi harapan atau tidak- kepada mereka yang miskin, yang dibelasah teruk oleh pemuka-pemuka kapitalis? Seorang muslim yang tidak lahir di istana dan tidak pernah memperaga sutera ini, masihkah ada keprihatinan- atau concern- agama terhadap mereka?

Budaya Ilmu & Masyarakat Canggung

3 September 2018 • By Rien Sd

Ramai ahli ilmu kita yang ketika ini sedang memendam kegusaran dan kebimbangan atas kemendapan wacana ilmu di Malaysia. Seakan-akan sudah tiada ketertarikan masyarakat atas ilmu dan peranan-peranannya. Wacana ilmu tidak lagi menjadi projek utama membangun bangsa. Sudah tiada keprihatinan dan concern kalangan warga atas kepincangan ini.

Youth Perception on New Malaysia

30 August 2018 • By Badrul Hisham Ismail

IMAN Research, a Malaysian think tank which studies society, religion and perception, found that youths played pivotal role in the recent shift of political power. Read the Press Statement as following:

Youth Perception on New Malaysia (English)

Persepsi Belia terhadap Malaysia Baharu (Malay)


Two Murals at Patani Semasa

27 August 2018 • By Ho Yi Jian

There are many kinds of maps in the world: political maps show where one state’s power ends and another begins; physical maps show the relationship in the contours of the land, where mountain meets forest meets river meets ocean.

Terrorism: The New Cabinet Must Acknowledge Risk

13 June 2018 • By Dina Zaman

Congratulations, Malaysia. You have voted for a new government, and you have received it. IMAN Research (IMAN) is now hard at work analysing and finalising a report on the recent General Elections, which we will share once it is completed. However, we would like to share some concerns.

GE14: No “Malay Tsunami”, Serious Electoral Reforms Needed

11 May 2018 • By Badrul Hisham Ismail

IMAN Research, a think tank consultancy based in Kuala Lumpur, has spent the past 10 days observing campaign rallies, on the ground sentiments, and voter behaviours with regard to the recent General Elections (GE).

No Big Rallies in GE14, Personal Touch Strategy to Woo Voters

7 May 2018 • By Badrul Hisham Ismail

Sharing the interest and concern of the general Malaysians, IMAN Research had initiated an observation on campaign rallies running up to the 14th General Election (GE14) beginning April 28, 2018; guided by the international election methodology of observation.

CVE Wishlist for the Malaysian Government in Waiting

16 April 2018 • By Elida Izani

The dates of the 14th General Election have finally been announced and with it, big promises come to the fore. Some questions regarding Preventing/Countering Violent Extremism (P/CVE) have been brought up in parliament but the general discourse of P/CVE is still somewhat overlooked.

Muftiya Malaysia

9 March 2018 • By Afiq Mohd Noor

Wacana Islam dan perempuan boleh dikatakan sebagai satu wacana yang agak kontroversial di mana-mana belahan dunia tidak terkecuali Malaysia. Kata orang, perempuan, yang membentuk lebih dari separuh populasi dunia seringkali di anggap sahabat yang sering dimusuhi oleh agama. Benarkah begitu?

Mahathir’s Second Coming

28 February 2018 • By Badrul Hisham Ismail

Politics is an old man’s game, and in Malaysia, it appears to be exclusively so. Most top leaders in Malaysian politics are well over the retirement age, from both ends of the political spectrum. And then there’s Mahathir.

Deklarasi Kuala Lumpur dan “Hak Kepada Bandar”

22 February 2018 • By Badrul Hisham Ismail

Pada 7 ke 13 Februari yang lalu, Kuala Lumpur dengan gayanya telah menjadi tuan rumah kepada World Urban Forum (WUF) ke-9.

Tourism Terraforming and its Insidious Consequences

31 January 2018 • By Aziff Azuddin

Travelling has become the touchstone of modern middle-class aspirations. It is present everywhere: on social media feeds with enticing photographs and films that speak about escapism of the local mundane and into uncharted adventures.

Blasphemy on Facebook: Challenges of Managing Sensitivities Online

24 January 2018 • By Lutfi Hakim

Last year, there was an incident involving the local chapter of the atheist group Atheist Republic in Malaysia posted up a photo from their gathering in Kuala Lumpur on their Facebook page. The post attracted the attention of people outside that community in Malaysia.

Mekong Review: Southeast Asia’s New Narratives in Old Media

17 January 2018 • By Mohd Izzuddin Ramli

I was invited for a visit to the official venue of the George Town Literary Festival 2017 by Gareth Richards, an editor, bookseller and the co-curator for the festival.

Reflecting on The Curious Case of Siti Aishah

3 January 2018 • By Nicholas Chan

The latest season of TV Thriller Homeland began with an ex-CIA officer trying to defend an American of Nigerian descent, Sekou Bah, who was arrested for terrorism-related charges using the controversial method of entrapment.

*Free (*Conditions Apply) — Unraveling the Curtains Over Urban Privilege

27 December 2017 • By Benjamin Loh

As scholar, I’ve always been keen to understand how regular people make sense of the entertainment media they consume. I look at how media piracy’s persistent presence in the average Malaysian’s media diet has changed the way people see and place value on their entertainment.

We Can’t Talk About the Terrorists: An Ethnography of Silence in the East Coast of Sabah

20 December 2017 • By Vilashini Somiah

As an anthropologist, I see my work as necessary in gaining deeper and more insightful perspectives of how communities work and find meaning in their own existence which includes its inherent tensions and contradictions.

Malaysia, with or without IS

13 December 2017 • By Badrul Hisham Ismail

To date, we have an estimate of 140-150 Malaysians who have joined the war in Syria; around 90 returnees; and more than 30 individuals arrested under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (POTA).

On Rehabilitation and Reintegration

20 November 2017 • By Badrul Hisham Ismail

The Syrian government's declaration of victory over the Islamic State brings the issue of foreign terrorist fighters returning to their countries to the forefront yet again.

Jihad Terlarang: Gerakan Militan dan Peranan Pesantren Merawat Radikalisme – Bahagian 3

18 October 2017 • By Admin

Menarik apa yang dikatakan: pesantren itu menjadi landasan menyekolahkan anak-anak mereka dan langsung membawa generasi selanjut dari lingkaran radikal untuk kembali kepada lingkaran baru – iaitu, Islam yang damai dan toleran.

Jihad Terlarang: Gerakan Militan dan Peranan Pesantren Merawat Radikalisme – Bahagian 2

15 October 2017 • By Badrul Hisham Ismail

Sambungan: Kamu menyebut-nyebut mengenai peranan pesantren dalam proses rehabilitasi kamu. Apakah ini semacam dukungan yang kamu terima setelah keluar dari gerakan radikal ini?

Jihad Terlarang: Gerakan Militan dan Peranan Pesantren Merawat Radikalisme – Bahagian 1

8 October 2017 • By Admin

Wawancara bersama Mataharitimoer. Persoalan radikalisme agama sering mendapat perhatian di dalam wacana Islam kontemporari serta menjadi soroton di media-media massa. Tidak kurangnya, isu ini menjadi pergumulan politik, sama ada di peringkat lokal mahupun geopolitik.

Are We Problematising “Malay”?

11 September 2017 • By Nicholas Chan

As a researcher, a guilty conscience is not something I encounter regularly. This is not because I don’t have a conscience, but that I firmly believe in the objectivity, good-will, and ultimately the usefulness of my work.

Is Our Education System Truly Reforming?

8 August 2017 • By Altaf Devivati

The critical role that education plays in creating human capital is what makes investment towards education an economic study on its own.

Notes on Marawi and our East Sabah Border

12 July 2017 • By Badrul Hisham Ismail

On May 23, 2017, a few days before the start of Ramadhan, an armed conflict broke out in Marawi City, the capital of Lanao del Sur on the Mindanao island in the Philippines.













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