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Regarding Global City

12 November 2018 • By Badrul Hisham Ismail

Whenever I hear the term global city, I picture a bloodied Al Pacino, machine-gun in hand, staring out the window of his tacky, over-the-top luxurious apartment, into a flying zeppelin displaying a text that says “The World is Yours.” It is a scene from the film Scarface, about a Cuban refugee named Tony Montana (played by Al Pacino), who arrives in the city of Miami in the 1980s.

Konsumerisme Menanggalkan Makna Beragama dan Kemanusiaan (Bahagian 2)

14 June 2018 • By Marwan Bukhari

Seyyed Hossein Nasr telah mengulas dan mengkritik dengan terang dalam karyanya bertajuk Man and Nature mengenai krisis segelintir manusia moden dengan persoalan-persoalan bersifat “supra-rational” seperti kesucian (sacredness), tuhan, “alam yang hidup” dan sebagainya.

An Hour with…. Maria Chin Abdullah

5 November 2018 • By IMAN Research

An Hour is The Affair’s Occasional Interview Series with personalities who have influenced policy, and made changes to a national landscape.

Maria Chin Abdullah is a Malaysian Member of Parliament for the Petaling Jaya constituency, under the Pakatan Harapan Government. Prior to becoming a member of parliament, she was part of the founding committee of Bersih, the Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections, in 2006.


Finding Student Voices in ‘Malaysia Baharu’

29 October 2018 • By Muhammad Fathi Rayyan

Despite the euphoric atmosphere that comes with Pakatan Harapan’s win in the last 14th General Election, students in across universities in Malaysia are still struggling to find their voices. Pakatan Harapan’s victory has given students hopes that things are going to change from the past, that structural changes will be put in place to ensure for students have more says, and be allowed to express themselves freely.

Public Protests, Private Spaces?

22 October 2018 • By Aziff Azuddin

“I’m sorry, sir. You’re not allowed to record here.” I was told to put away my audio recorder by a grim-looking security guard. I had only started rolling tape for less than a minute before the guard appeared from behind the bushes, stopping my interview session. This was midday in KLCC Park, during a weekday when many would prefer to be indoors than out. I ended up interviewing my respondent in a nearby mamak where the waiters didn’t bat an eye to the presence of an audio recording device.


Menuntut Kembali Makna Ramadan: Peranan Kerohanian Dalam Membangunkan Kemanusiaan (Bahagian 1)

8 June 2018 • By Marwan Bukhari

Hari berganti hari, minggu berganti minggu, bulan demi bulan dan tahun demi tahun. Itulah kehidupan dan dunia yang sentiasa ada permulaan baharu, sekalipun di sebalik perkataan yang disebut sebagai “tamat”.

Perlukah Kepada yang Ketiga?

16 March 2018 • By Lutfi Hakim

Apabila budaya berpolitik bertujuan meneruskan status quo, pihak baru harus hadir di dalam badan penggubalan undang-undang tersebut untuk mengimbang kembali pemikiran politik dan polisi pemerintah ke arah yang lebih saksama.


IMAN Interviews Turkish Ambassador, Dr. Merve Kavakcı

5 October 2018 • By IMAN Research

Part 1

Part 2

Participants: Iman Zambasri, Elida Izani (I) & Dr. Merve Kavakcı (K)


IMHO: The Politically Persistent

11 January 2018 • By IMAN Research

The air is thick with cynicism when it comes to politics these days, as disillusionment and distrust in politicians grows. Yet there remains a section of the population that continues to actively participate in politics, who are unwavering in their support and hope in the political process. IMHO meets with the attendees of the Himpunan Menentang Kleptokrasi held last October at PJ's Padang Timur, to understand the reasons behind their continued interest in politics, bucking the trend today.

IMHO is The Affair Weekly's video series that asks the people who matter what their thoughts are on the pressing issues of the day. For the latest updates, follow The Affair Weekly on your preferred social networks.












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